Terms & Condition

Our digital marketing services are straightforward, like online reputation management or Internet marketing, and require specialized skill sets to navigate. If you're looking for marketing Miraclesafe without knowing how they work or what they entail, check out an agency's terms of service (TOS)before signing on for any services. Remember: Our TOS are legally binding contracts in which you promise to adhere to certain guidelines.

After signing up for our service, you are authorized to use our services only for private uses. Under no circumstances can you resell our services or resell any information, packages, or deliverables derived from our services without prior written permission from us. Any such unauthorized use may result in the termination of your account. We hold a monopoly on all Miraclesafe Digital marketing channels!

We may use third-party tools to gather data on your behalf. These include services such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Optimizely, and Sitecore. Please see our privacy policy for details about how we process any personal data received from these third parties. For example, You provide us with your company’s name, address, etc via one of our forms and we pass that on to our legal team or courier who is likely to contact you for further information about your order. This means that your data may be shared by us with those companies mentioned on our website. By submitting an order through one of our sites or agreeing to receive email communication from us you are giving consent for such processing and sharing by applicable laws and regulations.

Payment terms Companies should make it easy for people to pay. As a rule, buyers will want to see delineated payment terms, whether that’s in an invoice or on a receipt. Rather than burying it in fine print at the bottom of an invoice, bolding important information is helpful (Due upon receipt.). Once you choose a payment processor, you can use their provided Terms & Conditions template to create terms unique to your business. Plus, our online payment processors allow for your terms and conditions to be hosted on our website with proper branding (including logos) so there’s no confusion.

Security Credit The most important security precaution to take is also one that many people skip: credit monitoring. Your Social Security number, birth date, address, contact information, and bank account numbers are valuable. People use them to open lines of credit in your name. Our freeze prevents lenders from viewing your reports without your permission; they can only view a message stating you have a freeze on your report.

Terms of agreement In return for using Seiri Technologies services, you agree to conform to our rules of safety. Please read them carefully. By using any of our products or ordering a service, you are representing that you understand and consent to abide by these terms without any further negotiation or notification. You acknowledge that neither Seiri Technologies nor anyone acting on its behalf, is responsible for your use of Seiri Technologies outside of these terms; such use is subject to all applicable laws. Your unauthorized use or infringement may violate intellectual property rights other than those owned by Seiri Technologies , including but not limited to trademarks and copyright-protected content. In addition, such unauthorized use may also violate applicable privacy laws as well as certain communications regulations implemented by governmental agencies in your region.